To say that every business is unique is cliché. Let’s face it, what really sets us apart is how we tell our story and how we connect with prospective clients. Just stop to think for a moment of the brands you know. Chances are you know these brands because of their marketing.

It’s Your  Success – We’re Here to Help

At ZAMM, we specialize in delivering your message. Every website, marketing campaign, piece of marketing material, and social media post needs to start with the copy; the message you want to deliver. With the right copy, you will be able to generate quality leads, increase your local brand awareness, strengthen your local SEO, and generate a stronger connection with your buyers.

We develop a strong relationship with you, gain an understanding of your product or service, and focus on what you want to accomplish. While every business isn’t unique, every story and marketing plan is. From copy and content creation, website builds and reviews, graphic design, online marketing, media and public relations, event planning, and social media – we’re here to help you succeed.

We’re Business Friendly

We can improve your local small or medium sized business marketing. Our business is to help you grow yours. We offer full-service packages, where we do all the work, as well as partial service packages, where we set you up with all the tools you need to implement the plan yourself.

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How to Promoting Your Local Small Business Content

Promote your content locally. A key to successful content marketing is really good content. But just because you write relevant blogs, create useful videos, or publish a fun podcast - doesn't mean anyone will [...]

Your Best Client, is your Competitors Best Prospect

B2B small business & sales people need to be thinking about our client's experience, and our client relationships, at all times. It’s easy to become complacent when we think everything is going well with a regular client. [...]

  • sales price objections

Never JUSTIFY Your Price – Demonstrate Value

When your prospect has an objection about the price, don’t justify your price. Justifying is defensive and is a great way to lose your prospect completely. This objection is a clear indication that you and your prospect are not where you need to be in the sales process.

If There’s a Major Change in the Decision Makers, Re-Up Your Relationship – B2B

Starting a relationship with the new person gives you an opportunity to be a problem solver and make any changes to meet your clients needs; this is what you want to do all the time with your clients. We seem to get freaked out when a new person enters the relationship.