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7 Tips For Your Business Blog

Zamm online marketingBlogging for your business or career is rewarding. It’s challenging at first, particularly, if you’re not a writer. Actually writing your articles isn’t the difficult part. Writing for your blog gets easier the more you do it. You know what they say, “Practice makes…” Perfect, you know what I’m saying.

Here’s 7 tips to start your business blog.

Regular posts

It’s not so much the frequency but the regularity of your posts. Avoid long gaps without a post. Your regular readers will get annoyed and stop visiting your blog if you miss too many posts. Your SEO will thank you for posting regularly, too.

Figure out how many articles you’re going to write. Start with a goal of once a week. You can increase the frequency once you are comfortable with the work flow. One good article a week is far better than 3 or 4 junk articles.

Set time aside to write. It’s easy to brush it off because you’re busy. You can’t hold your blog and it’s not in your face. It can fall out of your wheel house quickly.

Find your inspiration

You have ideas now but what happens when you go through those? This really doesn’t happen. Look at the news, do searches in the social networks and through search engines and find out what people are talking about (in your industry) and the questions they need answered. Write about your experiences in your career.

Make it useful

Give people real information, opinions and experiences. Be useful or compelling.

Keep it short and simple

KISS! Keep It Simple, um, you know how it goes. You will be well served writing short articles for the web. Use a combination of short paragraphs and point form to make your points quickly. Explore one idea at a time; not a 5000 word magazine style article which ties points and ideas together. Keep it short; this article went long two tips ago!


Use an image or info-graphic with every post. Pictures are especially useful if your writing an article about you, your product or service. People love nice images. You can find royalty-free stock images which require a link back to the site. Services also sell inexpensive images, often under a dollar, too.

Calls to action

This is your business blog. Include a call to action to follow on social media, share your article, a free trial or sample, or sign up for a newsletter or other material in exchange for their contact info.

Use links

When you’re referencing a product, business, news story, etc. include the links. It’s useful for the reader if they are researching which makes you more useful. It’s a good SEO practice.

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