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You Need to Know if Your Referable – Are You Referable?

First Step for Referrals

areyoureferableReferrals are important for small business & sales people. But referrals don’t just happen, you need to work for them. Entrepreneurs who need referrals must develop a plan to nurture the referral process.

The first step is to know if others are willing to refer you to people they know. Ask clients, and other businesses with which you do business, two quick questions:

  • What makes me referable?
  • What might prevent you from referring me?

You don’t need to ask every client but you might want to ask these questions frequently. The opinions of those who have done business with you are valuable. Ultimately your customer knows the most about the customer experience you provide and will have insight you cannot have as the vendor.

That second question will make thin-skinned people defensive – which is counter productive. Accept the answer even if you don’t agree – you’re looking for feedback. If your honest, you’ll improve from constructive criticism.

You need to ask why you are, and are not, referable from the mindset of service and legitimately wanting to improve your customer’s experience. More referrals will lead to more business and make you more money.

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