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If There’s a Major Change in the Decision Makers, Re-Up Your Relationship – B2B

Sales Relationships Matter

B2B Sales ReationshipsIt’s really frustrating when this happens. Your go-to person at a regular client either leaves the company, moves to a new position, or the company is sold. Now there’s a new sheriff in town.

If you react naturally, avoid potential issues, and not rock the boat; you’re likely on your way to losing a client. You need to understand that new people might have different priorities and plans. It’s to your advantage to find that out.

The key is open communication. When you reach out to them you position yourself better as an honest and trusted vendor and competent businessperson.

Starting a relationship with the new person gives you an opportunity to be a problem solver and make any changes to meet your clients needs; this is what you want to do all the time with your clients. We seem to get freaked out when a new person enters the relationship.

By approaching them you increase your chances of either keeping them or even increasing your business with them. If your client decides to make changes after you reach out to them, you were going to lose them anyway. By reaching out, you’ll at least get a lay of the land and you’ll find out if you need to be prepared for a fundamental change with your client.

Open and honest communication will help you know exactly where you stand with a client and address any of their concerns.

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