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Don’t be an “All about Me” Business Person on Blogs and Social Media

Improve your small business web presence through relevant blogging and social media. Your marketing plan should attempt to make quality connections with consumers at your touch points. We help local small businesses improve their marketing. Contact us for blog and social media content and management to reach your goals.

Relevant Small Business Blogging & Social Media

Make a Connection

One common error that businesses make is only talking about themselves on their blog and through their social media. A constant running commercial on your blog and social networks is basically spam. It adds no value to the consumer.

When we work with our clients it’s one of the first things we change. While it’s important to stay connected to your readers, followers, and customers, there is more to life than your product or service. The important part of using these online marketing tools is to connect.

In our line of work we create a lot of blogs and social media posts every day, yet one thing we do sparingly is write blogs and posts that are all about our client’s product or service. Instead we choose to make a connection with their readers.

Your Readers want to get to Know You and Your Business

Consumers want to see experts in your field. Most consumers, both B2B and B2C, research products and services before they ever contact a vendor. Not only are they learning about what companies offer, they are learning about their problem and your industry. Be their expert from which they learn.

Leverage your knowledge for trust by sharing what you know. Your website, blog, and social networks are where you can send targeted messaging to:

  • Educate the consumer on how to make a purchasing decision
  • Show your expertise
  • Build trust with the consumer
  • Send a variety of brand messages
  • interact directly and give strong calls to actions

You want your readers to come back to your website to read your blog, to like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter. If the only thing you are posting is new product shots with pricing information, or blog posts that outline a common problem with the solution being that they should hire your company to fix it, you’re not making a connection. After a while you’re going to start losing readers and fans because you don’t provide anything relevant.

Connect with Your Readers and Followers

Connecting with your readers and follows isn’t difficult. Think about what your target customer. It’s probably safe to say that you can make some connections between your industry and your target customer’s interests. For example, if you sell Tupperware, it’s probably safe to say that your clients like to cook; at the very least they do it. Instead of only sharing your catalog, and sales information, try sharing recipes with them; or helpful home cleaning tips; or even pictures of amazing dream kitchens. Add personal messages and show your clients who you are. They will remember you for this and instead of purchasing their next Tupperware order from just any rep, they’ll come to you because you’ve made a connection with them.

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