If You Don’t Have a Website You’re Crazy

Get Your Business OnlineI know to a lot of our readers know that the title of this article makes a lot of sense and that is because you have a website for your business. You understand its role in your marketing campaign; I mean how else is anyone going to find your business? In the Phone Book? Do those even exist anymore? Do people even use them? The last phone book I had in my house was the 2005 edition. I know because I kept it as a souvenir, something to show my kids when they got older so that they would understand the hardships I went through to find business back in the day.

Okay, back to my point. Businesses need websites. If you can’t be found online you’re losing customers, you’re turning away money and to me, that just sounds ridiculous. Websites are so easy to make and maintain on your own now, at such low prices, I’m flabbergasted when business owners tell me they don’t have a website. Even hiring an outside company to build and maintain a website for you doesn’t break the bank.

Did you know that 84% of Canadians are online?

More times than not, they’re searching and researching products and services before picking up the phone and calling someone to get the information or driving to a store to see if the product they are looking for is available there. If you’re not online you’re missing out on their business.

Another thing you’re missing out on is presenting yourself as a professional, a leader in your industry. To today’s buyers, these are both important, even for small businesses. People like to know who they are doing business with. They like to know what products or services you provide. They want to read about your products and services and they want to do that when they want to do that. That may mean conducting a web search for hair salons at ten o’clock at night because that’s the moment your potential customer had time to look for a new salon.

Gone are the days of only operating within certain business hours. Online is 24/7 and you need to be there. It’s time to put away the excuses and really evaluate how much you’re missing by not being online.

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