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Facebook Pages Basics For Your Business

Facebook MarketingThe companies we deal with are often confused about social media. It’s difficult to write about because how you will use social media depends on your business. There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Facebook is by far the largest social networking site. If you’re a consumer based business Facebook marketing maybe a good marketing and branding tool.

Every social network is different with unique strengths. Facebook’s strengths are:

  • Large number of people spend a lot of time there
  • Timeline with nice display for photos
  • Powerful advertising tools
  • Ads display on mobile devices

Set Up Your Business Page

When you set up your Page be sure to fill out all the information – About, Description, Websites, and Company Overview. These are marketing opportunities so don’t make them boring; treat it as any other marketing message. Short and to the point.

Use a profile image that looks similar to your other social networks. Keep your business page profile image relatable to your business (same colour, identifying shapes, etc). Using your logo or a variation is best.

The large cover photo is a great place to have a call-to-action to your website, sign up for a newsletter, a sale, or product. A link in the photo description will allow visitors to click through to your website when they click the photo and open it in the Facebook light-box (include, in the cover image, a call to action to Click Here).

Use Facebook to Define Your Brand

Thought Leader

Your business can use Facebook to help with branding. You can position you or your company as a thought leader. Similar to a blog you can share knowledge about your field of expertise. You can write about and share links to articles about your industry. When you share an article include your thoughts on the subject in the status. This a good way to get your marketing messages out.

You’ll be able to interact with people and answer questions. This is an interactive space.

Ask questions. It’s a good way to engage your following.

Share other businesses with whom your friendly. It helps your networking and you’ll be referring people to a product or service you know will benefit your followers.

Share Your Business

You don’t want to scream, “hire me” or “buy from me”; but you can promote specials, sales, and new products. This just can’t take up the majority of your posts.

Share pictures of behind the scene. Feature employees or you guys in action. You can make the comments fun or explain what’s happening, it’s a little running ‘About Us’ for your customers or potential customers. Include pictures as much as you can. People like good photos.

Promote new posts on your blog.

Regular Vehicles

Think of regular post such as tips, weekly or daily photo, regular questions or something you can do that’s relevant to your business. This makes it easier to create regular posts.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads will be a series of blog posts by themselves. I’ll just hit some highlights as this article is about Facebook Pages.

Facebook ads and other online advertising, such as Google Adwords, can be very effective – if done correctly. Generally people who haven’t had a good experience, with pay-per-click ads, didn’t do it properly. I’ve spoken to people who haven’t done traditional advertising well and they had a poor experience with traditional advertising mediums.

When your advertising through Facebook you’re targeting people’s interests (and location). Actually, all of your social media activity is targeting peoples interests.

You’ll need to set goals for your campaigns. Do you want more Facebook Likes? Do you want to drive people to your site? What do you do with them once they’re there? And this is the difficult part and where people lose it. You need to do more than create ads. You need the proper follow through to achieve your goals. What happens after they click is often over looked and then the ad campaign fails.

A Plan

Know how social will fit into your marketing plans. How you use it will depend on your business.

You may just stay in peoples wheel house until they need your service. They may find you near the beginning of making a purchasing decision, in which case, you’re defining your brand until they are ready to buy.

Your Page posts and photos are a snap shot of your business. It should tell short stories of your brand. If potential customers find you elsewhere and then check you out online your Facebook Page can help reinforce your brand messages.

Remember that you need to put some effort into your Facebook page and update it regularly. You don’t need to be putting in hours a day. Set a goal of a quality post a day and once that’s in your routine try to increase it. One or two post a day, regularly, is plenty for most businesses; assuming your not a content generator, such as, a newspaper.

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