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The Most Important Thing For Local SEO – Set Up Google Business Places Listing

In this article we show you how to set up a Google Business Listing. This is the most important thing every business needs to do to improve their local SEO.

Local SEO & Google Business Places

Every business should claim their Google Business Places listing to improve visibility online and improve their local SEO. When a consumer is in the market for a product, or service, most search online before ever contacting any business.

Google shows the Places Map when people search for local products and services. Claiming your business listing allows your business to show up in more search quarries (on the map). Even if you have no pages ranking well, or your website authority/relevance is low, appearing on the map in search will improve your local SEO and visibility.

If you do have pages ranking highly you will show up on the map and be seen again whenever you have pages appearing organically in search.

Every business listing includes a new Google Plus Page (G+). Even if you already have a G+ Page, for your business, your local listing will have it’s own. Don’t worry, your business can have as many Google Plus Pages as you like.

If you are not active on Google Plus you should start. Google is a good place to receive reviews. They do own more than 80% of the search market and G+ is pretty important to Google.

How to get online reviews for your business. We had a few thoughts about how you can get online reviews on Google, Yelp!, Facebook and more. LISTEN NOW!


How to Set Up Your Google Business Places Listing

First go to http://www.google.com/business/ – to start your setup. You’ll be taken to the as screen shown below. Click “Get On Google”

Google Plus for local SEO

Search for your business to see if your business is already listed in Places. Your business could be listed as Google uses information from all around the internet and may already be listing your business.

If your business is listed, but you didn’t add it, continue through this process. You’re going to basically claim your listing which will give better control and allow you to verify your the owner behind the business. Google likes verified businesses and websites.

Small business local SEO

If your business is listed just click on it and you’ll go through the process. If it’s not listed click on “None of These match add your business.”

How to improve local seo

Enter your business information. Make sure your business name is as it appears elsewhere. You should always keep the same business name, address, etc. when ever you post your business online – such as in directories. Search engines are constantly scanning the internet and collecting information and consistency adds credibility to your web presence.

Credibility and relevance is extremely important for SEO.

small business seo

You need to add a physical address. If you don’t want your business address listed check the “I Deliver Goods and Services to my Customers At Their Location.”

Local seo tips winnipeg marketing

You can add where you service by adding cities/towns and even segment down to specific ZIP or area codes. You can alternatively choose to add how far from your location you’ll service. If you service customers from your location check the “I also Service Customers At My Business Address.”

getting your business on Google maps

how to use Google maps to market small business

You need to verify that you own the business. Click on the “Mail me My Code.” Google will mail you a post card with a verification code to your listing address. It takes between one and two weeks. Once you receive it go back into your G+ Business Places Page and enter the code.

Local SEO to market your small business

Now you have shiny new Google Plus Places Business page. You can click “Edit” to edit your Page and add profile and header images.

The most important thing is to add your website address (click “add Website”) and add a good description by clicking “Add an Intro About Your Business” below your business name. Make sure to keyword this description with your product/service. Adding photos (click “Add Photo”) will improve your listing.

Google plus marketing

Local SEO and Google Plus

Every business should add their business listing on Google. Google Plus has been integrated into every aspect of everything Google including YouTube. Using your Business Places Page to be the foundation to connect with what Google does, including linking your Author authority (if you blog for your business), helps you be discovered in search and improves your local SEO.

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