How to Promoting Your Local Small Business Content

local small business marketing

Promote your content locally.

A key to successful content marketing is really good content. But just because you write relevant blogs, create useful videos, or publish a fun podcast – doesn’t mean anyone will consume your content. You need to promote it for people to see it.

Your Small Business is Local – Promote your Content Local

A large national or international audience is not necessary for your local small business which does business in a defined local area. We speak with a lot of small business owners who are disappointed with their content marketing efforts because they don’t have tens of thousands of visitors to their website per week. Even worse, sometimes they don’t see the value in content marketing because they don’t know how to get those numbers. They read somewhere that’s what they NEED or they’re missing out.

Content marketing must be a PART of the marketing mix of every local small business for an effective online presence. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a large city or a small town or what business you’re in – your business will benefit from a strong online presence.

Your marketing efforts must be focused on reaching your local target market, including your content and online efforts. Promote your business online locally:

  • Claim your Google Places listing – Google attempts to generate the most relevant search results. They try to include local links when someone searches for a product or service. This will drive relevant traffic to your website. If your prepared with a an effective online presence your business will benefit from the traffic.
  • Current and Past Customers and Clients – You have something to say with your content, tell the people with whom you already have an existing relationship. Offer a newsletter. Not just an email newsletter – mail your customers a newsletter. Money spent on existing customers delivers your best ROI.
  • Display In-store – Display strong calls-to-action to go to your website in your business. This CTA can also be on invoices and receipts.
  • Key-word for Your Local Area – Include geographical references in your posts.
  • Social Networks – Build your social profile locally. The real power behind social networks is advertising – paid advertising. The ability to segment and target specific audiences delivers a great ROI. And you can target people who follow your business; these are the people most likely to buy from you.
  • Comment on Other Local Businesses Social Media & Blogs – Reach out to other local businesses who are active online. It’s a great way to build your professional network and cross promote.

We add focus to your online picture with better copy & communication. Contact us today to connect with your target customer.

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