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What, No Sales Process! The Importance of a Good Process

Sales processOne thing I’ve learned is, every sales person needs a planned sales process. It’s hard to express the importance of a sales process. Simply put – you need a plan which you can evolve and improve and is repeatable. When you don’t have a consistent system in place you can’t measure what is effective and your prospect has no path to travel with you enroute to making a purchase. You’ll improve your sales conversion if you have a system and a path for prospects in place

High Performing Sales People

As a sales person, your job is to add leads into your funnel, quickly assess who’s qualified and might buy (not spending time trying to sell to unqualified people), and to move qualified prospects down a path to a decision. Your job is to help them make a purchase. A good sales process will allow you to efficiently build a relationship and bring prospects to a yes or no decision. It’s that efficiency which allows you to focus your time on prospects who are a good fit for your product/service.

There’s no magic bullet or special pill to turn you into a high performing sales person. High performing sales professionals work within a system which allows them to be efficient with their time. They spend more time with prospects most likely to buy and their time is quality time. They are consistent and disciplined. High performers improve and do more of the things that work and less of the things that don’t. They plan and are prepared.

Sales Process

I can’t cover, in a single article, what your sales process should be or what you should say and that’s not what this article is about. People have entire writing careers writing books on how to be more effective at sales.

There’s differences between B2B considered sales with longer sales cycles and B2C and retail sales with very short cycles. What all sales cycles have in common is, you need to establish who is a good prospect and most likely to buy, you’re helping them buy and must find out if and how you can benefit their lives, and you need to get them to a decision.

If you don’t have a system in place, start to think about the path you need your prospects to travel in order to make a purchasing decision. Have a goal or objective for every contact with your prospect. Think about “what’s next” once you reach that goal.

For instance, in a B2B sales call, know what your first meeting is going to accomplish. It maybe just a meeting to get to know the prospect and dig a little into why they think they want your product/service (qualifying a prospect). At the end of that meeting you and your prospect discuss if another meeting is needed and what will be discussed or accomplished. In a retail sales situation, you may start by establishing why your potential customer needs your product/service then recommend a specific product or service. In each case you’re moving them down a path you established.

Having a pre-planned sales process will allow you to have more control over the sales cycle. Once you have more control of the sales cycle, you can help your prospects make a purchase.

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