Cool Small Business & Marketing Things We Found – Weekly Round Up

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For your enjoyment here’s some of the things that interested us online this week about marketing and small business.


Avoid these 7 mistakes when pitching your business. contributor Marty Fukuda shares common mistakes entrepreneurs and sales people make during presentations. “Many sales pitches I’ve heard are difficult to follow. I’ll find myself halfway through a presentation still wrestling with the central idea, or with what the impact might be.” Always remember you’re selling ideas and concepts. Your listener needs to be interested and engaged. It’s a good read.

You’re website is central to your marketing. A blog that is done well gives you many advantages. Checkout Niel Patel’s article which dives into the 2 main components of success for a blog are great content and relevant traffic. “Headlines are important. Vitally important. Mushy headlines that don’t inspire content can be the death of a blog. They don’t inspire people to click through and read the content. You get pushed aside in search results and social for attention grabbing headlines that catch the attention of the audience.”

Leaders know that emotional intelligence & being likable contribute immensely to their success. Working on how to communicate properly is great self-improvement that can mean the difference between success and failure. “Remarkable entrepreneurs and leaders know that emotional intelligence and being a likable person contribute immensely to their success. It’s no surprise when you consider that hiring key employees, managing teams and landing big deals all boils down to building trust and making meaningful connections with others. The centerpiece of this process is communication.”

When is the last time you attended a networking event. Was it useful? Networking is about connecting with people and building relationships. The way you do that is to be useful to your network. How much do you give when you attend a networking event? “Don’t always make it about the sell. We are well trained in the sell but not in the listening and giving.”

Social media has become essential in building brand awareness. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Know which social networks will be the best for your business. You need to determine this so you don’t waste time with networks that don’t actually help you reach your marketing goals. “While there’s little doubt that social media has become essential in building brand awareness, generating leads, and connecting with target audiences, each social network has its own strengths and weaknesses — which means that certain platforms are better suited for specific goals.”

Understanding how your customer’s brain works can help you increase social engagement. There’s a lot to psychology when it comes to marketing. Understanding some basics will help you connect with potential customers and increase the chance they’ll take an action. “In the field of psychology, social proof is the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.”

When your Facebook efforts are failing, what do you do? It’s a question that small business owners ask. It’s important that your getting the most out of your marketing efforts and resources. “It can be tempting to give up and save your resources, but in doing so you risk losing out on the huge opportunity the platform provides. More than 1.79 billion users make it the world’s largest social media network, meaning that a large portion of your target audience – regardless of your industry – will be active on Facebook.”

What tools do you use to get your online marketing work done? Smart business people use tools to do marketing properly. Checkout 41 free marketing tools.

Happy Marketing!

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