Writers Block? So, you haven’t had a thought or spoken to anyone today?

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Blogging to market your business or improve your sales career is rewarding. You’re able to broadcast your message and start conversations and relationships. It’s inexpensive and relatively simple - so long as you have opinions of your business or industry.

If you can’t imagine someone disagreeing with you, then you haven’t said anything at all

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This is a sample of our newsletter. Subscribe today! It's important to share compelling thoughts and ideas at your touch points. This means your social networks, your blog and emails, and personal interactions with colleagues and clients. The thing about compelling thoughts and

8 Reason To Blog On Your Business Website

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Increasingly small businesses are realizing they can benefit from a blog or enhanced web presence but they don't necessarily know why or how to go about it. Recently I was asked point blank, "I think we need a blog but