Marketing Round Up – Cool Things We Found That You Should Know

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Marketing this Week Sharing knowledge and increasing understanding is the fun part of our job. From dodgy SEO people to Facebook here are 6 articles worth your time and attention. Snapchat's slowing user growth is damaging its status as advertising's

Social Media Marketing Articles You Need to Read – Weekly Round Up

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What's New in Social Media Marketing Social media is the king of marketing at the moment. Facebook had some big announcements recently, so we're keeping this weeks round up focused on social. Facebook pixels get upgrade to track actions &

The Content You Create Needs to Add Value to ppl’s Lives. If it’s Just a Constant Commercial, You’re Wasting Your Time

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If you haven't subscribed to our newsletter, here's a sample: The content you create for your blog, social networks, YouTube, podcast, or what ever brand building communication you use – needs to add value. You need to give useful information

Facebook Pages Basics For Your Business

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The companies we deal with are often confused about social media. It's difficult to write about because how you will use social media depends on your business. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Facebook is by far the largest social networking