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No More Excuses: Engage your social audience with these posts

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Many of our clients know they should be doing more with their social media, but claim that they don’t because they simply just don’t know what to do. The downfall to this

When Posters are the Main Driver of Your Marketing Campaign

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In rural communities, it seems that non-profit organizations rely almost solely on posters as the main driver of their marketing campaigns. In the marketing world, posters are the bottom of the barrel marketing material. Overall, they

Using Community Calendars as Part of Your Free Advertising Mix

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Non-profit event planning comes with several challenges, the biggest being how to spread the word with limited to no funds available for advertising.

Over the years, I have done a lot of event

Step Up Your Game with Royalty Free Images

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The old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words has never been more important in today’s digital world. Successful Business Owners and Non-profit Organizations know all too well the importance of