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Track Your Advertising

Track Your AdvertisingFrom the low cost of social media advertising to the more expensive magazine and newspaper campaigns, advertising opportunities are all around us.

Knowing where to and how to advertise will take some research. You’ll need to determine what work’s and what doesn’t. By tracking your advertising you’ll be able to learn, grow and most importantly know where to spend your advertising dollars.

Here are some different methods to help you track your advertising.

Use a Secondary URL for Print, Mail or Radio Campaigns

People who see you or hear your ad do not rush to phone to call you. Instead they turn to the internet and look you up online. Using a secondary URL lets you track how many people are coming to your website through the advertising campaign that contains that specific URL. The simplicity of setting up a secondary, even a tertiary URL, makes this tracking method a breeze:

  • First, ensure you have a tracking system on your website, such as, Google Analytics.
  • Create a landing page for every separate domain you’ll use.
  • Add a <noindex> tag, to each landing page, so that search engines do not index these pages. You don’t want them showing up in search results
  • Buy and park a domain for each ad or campaign you want to track.
  • Redirect each domain to a specific landing page you created in step 2 above.

You’ll be able to track the traffic from each domain by the hits on the specific landing pages.

Use Different Ads for Different Forms of Advertising

A sales friend of mine persuaded me try this a years ago while I was trying to decide which newspaper I should advertise in (I was operating a different small business at the time). She told me, “do them both and see which one generates a better response”. This is also known as testing or A/B testing. The trick here is to run a different ad in each medium showcasing a different product, sale item, or offer. We’ve applied this method to most of our advertising campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you’re running post card marketing, ads in the newspaper or magazines, social media advertising, or flyers. Change it up and see what works. This method also gives you some freedom to play around with different messaging and imagery to see what attracts business.

Combine Both Methods

Tracking conversions is important for online advertising on Facebook or Google Adwords. Testing various copy and images will allow you to see what’s more effective.

Both Facebook & Google Adwords give you stats for each ad. You can continue to test landing pages that convert best by linking the ads to specific landing pages on your site.

Ask that Age Old Question

Simply asking your customers how they heard about your company will generate results for your advertising tracking. This method is simple, but often over looked. Set up a poll question on your website or ask people when they visit your store or call you.  

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