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Twitters New Profile Design

New Twitter DesignOut with the old and in with the new. Twitter’s new profile design has improved the layout of users profile pages. The new design has features shared by Facebook and G+. The new design has Twitter catching up to both of those platforms. So, what does this mean for businesses? Not a whole lot.

All of the social media networks rely on mobile users for the vast majority of their traffic. The new design doesn’t effect the mobile side of Twitter users. But for those who use an old fashioned computer will benefit from the new style.

Infographic: How Mobile Are Social Networks? | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Twitter’s Bigger Profile Photo & Banner

The biggest change is the 1500px X 500px banner and a left-side 400px X 400px profile picture. The profile photo is larger than before and the image scales automatically to the new size. You’ll want to upload a properly sized photo so that your image isn’t blurry or pixelated.

The top banner is useful, in the same way it is on Facebook. It’s a nice area to place a call to action, a branding message, or just a nice image. Don’t let this real estate go to waste.

Tip: [pullquote]Have your Facebook & Twitter banners match. Continuity between your touch points helps deliver your brand[/pullquote].

Twitters New Three Column’s

Twitter is using screen space well with their new three column display where the center tweet baring column takes up 50% of the width. This is a nice feature coupled with the embedded photos and videos.

Information Displayed Better

Between the banner and the content columns is more data options. You can click straight to a users photos and videos, which then displays using both the center and right hand columns. When you click to see a users followers and followees it once again uses two columns and tiles the information.

You can also tailor the feed. The old layout had tweets and replies in the same feed. Now it defaults on Tweets and you can opt to see the feed with Replies included.

Also, tweets with more interactions are displayed with a larger font. You can more easily see which tweets are getting some love. This gives the feed some pop.

The new features allow for faster information gathering and a much more graphical design.

Pin a Tweet

You can now pin a tweet to the top of your feed. It’s a nice feature for information or messaging you deem more important. I like the idea of a little more emphasis, and interaction, on a tweet linking to an important blog post. You may want to generate a specific tweet to engage a potential new follower.

The new design is a solid improvement for Twitter. It’ll be interesting to see if these eventually make their way into the mobile side of Twitter.

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