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Writers Block? So, you haven’t had a thought or spoken to anyone today?

Blogging & Writers Block

writersblockBlogging to market your business or improve your sales career is rewarding. You’re able to broadcast your message and start conversations and relationships. It’s inexpensive and relatively simple – so long as you have opinions of your business or industry.

Writers block is frustrating. It happens to anyone who writes regularly. When we first start blogging and writing it’s great! We have thoughts and opinions we want to share. Then we exhaust those initial thoughts and ideas. Now we are looking for something to say. It’s almost as though we have said everything we originally wanted to say. Now we need some inspiration.

Writing Inspirations

First place to look for writing inspiration is your day-to-day interactions with colleagues and clients. There’s always stories there. Maybe it’s a feel good story, of a colleague or client, who’s volunteering in their community; or a charitable organization you care about. Maybe it’s a business who you want to share with people. Maybe it’s a problem, related to your field or not, that a client is dealing with and you have an insight which can help others.

The point is, be fearless, and share what’s on your mind today.

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