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10 Tips for Your Business on Twitter

Twitter bird logoTwitter is one of the most popular social networks. It’s a great tool if used correctly. Like anything social media, or online, there’s no one size fits all plan. The important thing is – you need a plan.

Facebook is a great way to interact and its display is great for sharing pictures. Twitter is focused on text & links. It’s actually considered a micro blog. You can share pictures but G+ and Facebook do a better job.

Twitter is great to broadcast thoughts and links – quickly. Information sharing is the key for Twitter.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when your using Twitter for your business.

  1. Choose a good handle. Your Twitter handle is how people will know you on Twitter and is preceded by the @ symbol. If it’s for your business you might choose your business name if it’s available or something related to your business. You want this name to be short and easy. Try to avoid placing an underscore ( _ ) in your handle.
  2. Fill out your Bio, Location, and add your website in your Twitter settings.
  3. Create a custom background image. This can be an image that takes up the whole screen (2500 x 1600 pixels) or a more common 1024 x 768 pixels. You can also consider a side bar style image.
  4. Be interesting. You don’t need to be funny or clever – you need to be compelling. Make definitive statements & share useful links. Asking questions can start some engagement.
  5. Don’t publish anything you don’t want people to see. This is a business communication – be professional.
  6. Hash tags ( # ) are useful but a little over rated. They can be useful if you have a keyword that might have bit of a community around it, such as, a trade show (#TradeShowName). Don’t feel you need to use them.
  7. When you share links include your opinion or ask a question.
  8. Tweet when people will see it. This will take some experimenting to find out when more of your followers will see your tweets.
  9. Share your blog posts. While you’re at it, ask people to share it as a call to action.
  10. You can share the same blog post more than once if your active on Twitter. Just change it up. Give an opinion, statement, or ask a question the first time you post it to Twitter; ask for them to share it the second time you post it. You don’t want to be obnoxious about it but people might not have seen it the first time. Try different times of the day when you do this.
  11. Bonus – Have fun! Twitter’s a great broadcast platform to project your thoughts.

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