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If it Feels Safe – YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! – Newsletter

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People like easy. Fitting in and going with the flow is easy. There’s very little criticism when you do what everyone else is doing. Critique or ridicule comes when you’re out there. A big idea is easy to criticize because it stands out and is most visible.

This is because most people are not entrepreneurs. They don’t chase ideas. They do what’s safe or, more accurately, what seems safe. They’re risk adverse. The unknown and being vulnerable and exposed seems, to them, to be risky.

The opposite is true, of course. Emotions are often disconnected from certain realities. The 9-5 job with someone else controlling their pension is risky when a recession hits. It feels safe until it all comes crashing down.

When your business is fitting in and looks the same as everyone else – you’re in maximum danger. New ideas and better ways of conducting business leads to success.

Being unique means you can establish a position in your market. But trying something new can be uncomfortable, unsafe, and scary. Those feelings just might be the first clue you’re on the right track.

When you feel outside of your comfort zone, you’re likely doing something different to make yourself standout. And that’s exactly where you need to be.

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