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Curiosity Killed the Cat – Lies We Tell Children

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In my opinion, lack of curiosity is a huge character flaw because it means you're disinterested. Not only is disinterest lazy, it's a clear sign of lack of intelligence. I know that's harsh but curiosity is an important character trait.

Wake Up, People! It’s Time to Get Social!

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You may not understand it, use it or even like it, but your clients do, and that is why you’d better learn to love it and make it part of your daily

Enough With “Buy Local” Campaigns

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bad_marketing“Buy Local” is Bad Marketing

I understand the importance of community. We’re small business owners who volunteer in our community and we lend our marketing talents to local groups. We also teach our

Your Best Client, is your Competitors Best Prospect

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Winnipeg marketing b2b salesB2B small business & sales people need to be thinking about our client’s experience, and our client relationships, at all times. It’s easy to become complacent when we think everything

Find Your Editorial Voice & Then Fill Your Touch Points With It

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Not only do you have an expertise, you also have valuable experience and experiences. Prospects and colleagues can learn from what you have to say - and that has value. Leverage your knowledge and experience for trust from prospects and professionals in your field.

You Need to Know if Your Referable – Are You Referable?

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Referrals are important for small business & sales people. But referrals don’t just happen, you need to work for them. Entrepreneurs who need referrals must develop a plan to nurture the referral process.

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