The Content You Create Needs to Add Value to ppl’s Lives. If it’s Just a Constant Commercial, You’re Wasting Your Time

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The content you create for your blog, social networks, YouTube, podcast, or what ever brand building communication you use – needs to add value. You need to give useful information which has the consumer glad he or she took the time to read, watch, or listen. Hopefully some of it is good enough that they may even want to share it.

It’s alarming how often I’ll read a blog post which outlines a problem, sometimes a problem I need solved, and the article gives no real information except for, the author is the solution. No insight. No increase in understanding. It was just a commercial and nothing more.

Your outward communication should position you as a leader. You need to offer solutions, real opinions, and/or enhancing your audience understanding of a subject.

A blog or social media feed which only tries to sell and show off products – waists your time. It takes time and effort to create your media. Media which isn’t valued, isn’t effective and your messages won’t connect.

Create media that enhances your relationship with the consumer.

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