//Curiosity Killed the Cat – Lies We Tell Children

Curiosity Killed the Cat – Lies We Tell Children

Entrepreneurs Need Curiosity

CuriosityWhen I was growing up, adults would tell me the old proverb “curiosity killed the cat.” This proverb warns us to mind our own business. More specifically, we as kids were driving the adults nuts and they wanted some peace.

I prefer to include a less-than-common rejoinder “but satisfaction brought him back.” Discouraging curiosity is one of the worst things we can do – to anyone – especially kids. In my opinion, lack of curiosity is a huge character flaw because it means you’re disinterested. Not only is disinterest lazy, it’s a clear sign of lack of intelligence. I know that’s harsh but curiosity is an important character trait.

All of us were born curious. Babies learn language by listening and identifying common sounds and then mimicking. They’re little computers who can pick up on repetition and recognize more frequent sounds. Small children explore the world around them. They interact and test. Their day consists of playing, exploring, and conducting simple experiments. Somewhere along the way to adulthood, some people lose that little scientist. Others keep their scientist. It’s satisfying.

Curiosity is key to success in your career. It’s how you learn. It’s important in sales to dig into your prospect and discover what is really motivating them. Curiosity drives us to find new opportunities and new ways of doing things as entrepreneurs. Curiosity leads to innovation and progress. Nothing new happens without asking “why?” or “what if?”.

Curiosity is useful in your personal life. Learning about the people around you, new places, new skills, and hobbies – are experiences that are satisfying. Life would be dull without experiences.

Curiosity may or may not have killed the cat – I don’t know, I’m not a felinologist. At least not yet. I do know curiosity made the sale, built the business, made the new friend, and lead to self-improvement. This, I can PAWsitively say 🙂

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