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Find Your Editorial Voice & Then Fill Your Touch Points With It

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Zombies Ate My Media a Winnipeg marketing companyWe are better connected today than ever before. There’s a lot of information not only available to all of us, but flying at all of us. We pursue our interest and have more info than we can process presented to us from friends, family, content creator and entertainers, and marketers.

This means [pullquote]it’s more important than ever for small businesses to be able to catch consumers attention with compelling and relevant messages.[/pullquote]

One difficulty for many business owners, is how to define your brand. Most people think of a tagline first, or only think of a tagline or phrase. While it’s useful to some up your position in the market quickly in a sentence; this should be your last step.

You need to think about what you believe and have opinions. Not on politics or what’s happening in the news, but your industry and business. Your brand needs a voice. And this voice defines your message which defines your brand at your touch points.

There should be value for prospects and clients where they interact with your business on your website and social networks. Your voice needs to come through in your sales process and networking efforts.

Once you have something to say, your copy and advertising become much easier.

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