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How To Know Your Marketing Message

Know Your Message

Marketing plan imageCreating a marketing plan is something that every business has to do. Without it your prospective clients won’t know that your product or service exists. A marketing plan is going to vary from one business to the next; however there is one key component that is needed for every marketing plan.

Your message is the key. If you don’t have a marketing plan you’ll want to start here. If you have a marketing plan, but aren’t seeing the result you want, you’ll want to revisit all of your materials and see what message you’re sending. Implementing the right message will make a difference.

Target Your Target Market

When creating your message it’s important to keep your target market in mind. Your message must mean something to the people who will purchase your product or service. So the first step in developing your message is asking yourself, “Who is purchasing my product or service?” The answer to this question will help you determine the style, feel, and lingo to use when creating and delivering your message. This question will also help you determine where to advertise, but we’ll save that for another article.

Define the Problem and the Solution

In this step you must identify your target market’s need for your product or service & how it affects them (the problem) and how your business fulfills that need (the solution). Ask yourself, “What problem(s) does my target market have?” and, “How is a customer’s life improved by my product/service.” The improvement should be your core message. This can establish an emotional connection with the potential customer as it speaks to their motivations. You should now have a list of possible messages that you can use in your marketing plan.


Your message should be clear and concise, remember that old adage K.I.S.S. Focus on one to three messages you want to deliver to your customer and let those messages set the platform for all of your marketing.

Once your list is complete examine it. What key points are going to be most beneficial to your customer? What key points are going to grab someone’s attention? What key points set your product or service apart from the competitor? Narrow your list down until only one to three key points remain making sure that you use language that is appropriate for your target market. You’ve just created your message.

Put Your Message into Play

Now that you’ve identified your message it’s time to put it into play. Use your message as the backbone of all of your advertising. Your message should be on your website, in your newspaper ads, flyers, brochures, post cards, and even in your email signature lines. No matter the form of advertising and promotional materials you are developing using your message will help develop your brand and get people noticing you.

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