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Marketing this Week

Sharing knowledge and increasing understanding is the fun part of our job. From dodgy SEO people to Facebook here are 6 articles worth your time and attention.

Snapchat’s slowing user growth is damaging its status as advertising’s cool kid – Snapchat is having problems attracting new users and generating revenue. Their problem is likely two-fold – Facebook feature mimicking and they are really over-hyped, and as such, expectations were too high. Snap is at risk of becoming the next Twitter with stagnant growth. Admittedly it’s too early to call them dead in the water but they’ll need to do something before all of the novelty of being shiny and new wears off. It’ll be interesting to watch how they handle their first major setback.

What’s stopping you? 12 Reasons Your Emails Aren’t Making It to the Inbox – It doesn’t matter how big your email list is, or how great your content is, or even how engaging your headlines are – if your emails never hit your recipient’s inbox.

How to avoid dodgy SEOs and Do It Yourself – Do you get emails and phone calls from supposed magic SEO wizards? They’re crap. This is a great article that contrasts real SEO professionals from the snake oil SEO cons.

3 Reasons to Try Facebook’s Lead Capture Forms – Facebook is a powerful marketing tool. Their lead capture forms are certainly something to take a look into if you are serious about growing your business.

5 Ways to Hack Facebook’s Custom Audiences for Big Payoffs – Facebook’s real power is paid advertising. More specifically, your ability to target, retarget and exclude audiences. Paid advertising campaigns on Facebook allow you to send the proper message, to the right people and should be apart of your marketing plan.

How to Install and Use the Facebook Pixel: A Guide for Marketers – Your Facebook Pixel is simple to set up but you have to actually do it. Your Facebook Pixel allows you to run highly targeted ad campaigns. You need to set up the Pixel on your site if you want to get the most from advertising on Facebook.

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