This week in marketing – Marketing round up

So much good stuff online, so little time. Here are some things that caught our eye that you may have missed in the world of marketing this week.

What Makes a Great ‘About Us’ Page [Infographic] – Your About Us page is an important marketing page. All the pages on your website are important but the About Us page tends to be boring and useless in most cases. It shouldn’t be boring and it should be useful.

How to Integrate Guest Blogging Into Your Content Marketing Strategy – “Too many content marketing strategies are missing a huge piece of the puzzle and it’s holding them back. That piece? Guest-contributed content from your brand – content authored by experts within your company published by third-party media already consumed by your target audience.”

How To Make Your Infographics Mobile-Friendly – Everything we do online needs to be mobile friendly. No pinching necessary.

Write like you talk. You’re a better writer than you let on – This is a great article. It’s what you say, not neccessarily how you say it. So many times I’ve spoken to entrepreneurs who have a lot of wisdom to offer and have great stories but they get hung up on grammar. Tell a great story.

Happy Marketing!

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