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You Can Do Better Than “Me-Too” Marketing – Newsletter

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You Can Do Better Than “Me-Too” Marketing

Zombies Ate My Media a Winnipeg marketing companyEvery business needs to do market research. Part of that research is learning what your competition is up too. You try to figure out how they do business and you see how they are marketing. You learn what messaging they are putting out there and where.

New business people sometimes feel tempted to duplicate what they see. Mimicking some things will make sense. Industries have some best practices and you’ll have some similar practices as your competitors.

However, your marketing and your brand should stand out. Standing out from the crowd has advantages. If you’re a lesser carbon copy of everyone else, your market maybe large enough to sustain you for a time, but not over the long haul. If your market contracts, or there is some sort of disruption, weaker companies who cannot defend their position eventually fail.

Being unique in your market helps consumers distinguish between you and everyone else. Consumers have a difficult time making purchasing decisions when they can’t distinguish between service/product providers.

Try to find a different approach in the attitude you project and/or the values you project. Find a unique message which speaks to your value and how your customer benefits from you. And find your voice.

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