It’s always nothing until it’s something. Don’t be fooled by “Buying Signals”

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Email Newsletter by Zombies Ate My MediaA natural part of sales is rejection. Most B2B businesses have a closing rate of less than 20%. Maybe it’s comforting physiologically to look for positive signs when there aren’t any.

I’m not going into prospect responses which are considered buying signals; it’s sales 101 for old-time sales people. Believing so-called “buying signals” is terrible for any sales person. When you take meaning from these buying signals, which a lot of people will display whether they’re planning to buy or not, you start to lose objectivity and you can become emotionally invested in the deal – you lose detachment. You’ll move away from a process, which should help them buy or get them out of your funnel as soon as there is no deal to to be done, to clinging onto the hope to get an impossible deal done or, even worse, do a bad deal.

It’s nothing ’til it’s something. Money to your bank account… ain’t that something.

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