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A Thing About SEO & Blog Images

SEO with blog imagesYou should include an image or photo in every post on your blog. The image can be a photo or an info graphic. The important thing is to include a visual representation with your articles. People like looking at images; we’re visual creatures.

Your readers are accustomed to images in news articles. It seems odd to read an article without some sort of image. Plus people like images. Images of your products, staff, and events are great story telling tools. It’s frustrating to see how a lot of marketers think of blogs as ONLY SEO and keywords and miss the power of a good blog to position a company and improve brand messaging. What’s the point of getting potential clients to your site only to have them read a spam article? Your website – important touch point!

Images and pictures also improve your SEO. Google and Bing have image searches and they index images. Plus people like images. Your chances of being found during a search increases when your blog is full of images for search engines to index – if you do it right.

Did I mention people people like images, yet?

The search engines can’t see and interpret what’s in your images. You need to tell them.

Most blog platforms allow you to enter information about the images you insert into your posts; WordPress and Joomla! do a great job of this.

Most important is to enter a relevant Title and Description. Your Description should be a few sentences. You can add Alt Text, which is, text that displays should the image not load properly. When you can, add a caption.

Make sure you add meta data to your images before you upload to your blog. Right click on your image and select Properties. Then go to the Details tab. In the Description area add relevant Title, Tags, and Comments.

Blog SEO using pictures seo_blog_wordpress

When you’re using your own images you will need to resize them for your blog. The size will depend on your blog layout and the content column size. You can use the editor in WordPress, if you’re running a WordPress blog, but that’s not your best option. Depending on how you do it WordPress will either insert tags to tell the browser the size to display the image (which isn’t good for SEO) or resize it poorly.

Picmonkey.com is a free, easy to use, online photo editor. You can do some basic edits such as crop, resize, rotate, sharpen, add text, and it has a few primitive effects. Your best use is cropping,resizing, and maybe text.

If your doing a lot of images consider using a good photo editor like  Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Stock photo’s are a good source for blog images. Google “royalty free images” and purchase and inexpensive photos for use on your blog and website. Checkout FreeDigitalPhotos.net which provides free photos in exchange for a link back to their site.

We can improve your website and blog. Position your brand better with a great blog! Contact us today.

Photo courtesy of  Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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