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Curiosity Killed the Cat – Lies We Tell Children

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In my opinion, lack of curiosity is a huge character flaw because it means you're disinterested. Not only is disinterest lazy, it's a clear sign of lack of intelligence. I know that's harsh but curiosity is an important character trait.

Your Best Client, is your Competitors Best Prospect

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Winnipeg marketing b2b salesB2B small business & sales people need to be thinking about our client’s experience, and our client relationships, at all times. It’s easy to become complacent when we think everything

Never JUSTIFY Your Price – Demonstrate Value

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When your prospect has an objection about the price, don’t justify your price. Justifying is defensive and is a great way to lose your prospect completely. This objection is a clear indication that you and your prospect are not where you need to be in the sales process.